We Thought You Would Add Value To Us, But You Didn’t – Brand Drops BBNaija’s Vee As Their Ambassador


A fashion brand, Zeena Zara has called out BBNaija’s Vee over her attitude on set after she was signed as their brand ambassador.

The brand management discredited Vee over her nonchalant attitude on set, and how she looked down on everyone on set with her.

Zeena Zara wrote;

When you were calling for this deal we considered as we believed you would add value ,little did we know it was going to be the other way round ! …

After paying , right on the first day of set , everyone stressed to work with you , we still persuaded them so we could work something out ,you looked down on everyone on set including the photographer , yet we overlooked and still waited with you till your Uber arrived so as not to leave just you on site …..the brand has worked with a lot of people with no issues , ,

we can’t cope with your attitude because you don’t even know what it takes to be a brand ambassador, and all this should have been well explained to you before putting pen to paper 📝… you are out of the big brother house yet you act like everyone on set is one of the housemates

Your manager has said you have been gathering the money and paid a part , you still owe the brand a lot of money !
More details coming soon
kindly pay up 🙏”

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