THE RISE OF THE ALBINO BROTHERS (A tale of two brothers who defied the odds to become household names in the entertainment industry)

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A tale of two brothers who defied the odds to become household names in the entertainment industry.

At first thought, one might be wondering how special it is to have not one but two brothers with albinism, make it into the entertainment space in a highly competitive industry especially in the South-East but these two aren’t anything close to what their name implies as it is only ironical.
They were born Okonkwo Tochukwu Levi and Okonkwo Onyedika Anthony as the second and third born children in a family of 4 (3 boys and a girl) in Awka south of Anambra state to Mr Christopher and Mrs Bridget Okonkwo from Eziagu in Enugu state.

In Africa, it is common practice for children to follow in the footsteps of their parents in choosing career paths according to statistics but that wasn’t the case with the Albino brothers as theirs took a different turn as against societal expectations and opposed to their parents who are traders and conservatives, committed to raising their children exclusively, making sure they excelled in their academics while holding on to their religious roots as staunch, practicing Catholics. Although never abandoning their religious roots, they chose a different path or better still, this path chose them after graduating from the university with various degrees as Tochukwu Levi has a bachelors degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics while Onyedika Anthony is in his finals of a Bachelor’s degree awarding course, both from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state.

Tochukwu Levi whose stage name is “BlackAlbino” and also known by the following monikers “Evangelist” and the more popular “International Dr. Nwoke Ogwu” which when translated to English means “International Doctor of Medicine” was the forerunner of this power duo as he’s being doing this since he was 10. He sold out arenas unknown, for no fee because money was an afterthought at that young age and all he needed was a gathering unrelated to him and in a heartbeat, you have a concert in the neighborhood. He went from MC’ing kids parties and dressing up as a mascot for no fee to charging as low as 3,000 Naira for events to headlining every top event in the south east, across the Niger all the way to Africa’s entertainment capital; Lagos.
He also has movie credits as he has featured in a handful our indigenous movies which he’s been doing since age 15.
Then came his brother, Onyedika Anthony whose stage name is “MrTee Albino” and also known by the monikers “Daddy GO” and more popular as “Onyeamuma” which when translated to English means “Prophet” had to quit his job with the power and energy industry to pursue a career in entertainment, together with his brother, they’re known as the “Albino Brothers”.
Onyeamuma has grown to be a household name in the South-East and beyond within a short span due to his constant growth and presence in the entertainment space that he has been referenced in music lines by top artistes and also had cameo appearances in various musical videos as well as been featured in various skit by other top comedians.

Both brothers have music credits to their names as Tochukwu dropped his chart topping single titled “Manizer” featuring one of the South-East’s biggest revelations of the decade “Beepee” while Onyedika has several Christain songs to his credits including the far reaching song titled “Gozie ‘m” which means “Bless me” in English.
‘Special’ is an understatement when describing the Albino Brothers as there’s absolutely nothing these two can’t do.
Tochukwu is currently signed to one of the finest herbal drinks makers in the country; Current Bitters which has taken over the herbal drinks market while together with his brother, Onyedika, they’re both Ambassadors for the real estate firm, Igbo Gist Media and Multi-Services which is major player in the real estate market.
They’ve both been involved in various philanthropic projects across the South East, reaching out to petty traders, the less privileged and most recently, the flood victims around parts of Anambra state and neighboring towns and villages.
In no distant time, the BlackAlbino brand will be reminiscent of creativity and this two do not seem to be slowing down.

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