The Number Of Times Couples Should Meet In A Month (READ)


The need to survive has become the most important thing for any married partners, not just for couples alone but for all.

To meet the demand of running a family, couples go into doing different jobs to make ends meet.

Most times, after a long day of work and duty, couples may come back home to eat, rest, and prepare for the next day without having to meet as they should.

Many factors may play a role in determining the number of times a husband and wife should meet in a month, some of these factors include.

1. The nature of Job both couples do.

2. The religious beliefs of both couples

3. The emotional status of both Couples.

4. The socialization perspective of both couples.

However, a husband and wife should make out quality time for the both of them to meet, couples should not prioritize money over the time they should spend together.

No written literature has standardized the number of times couples should meet in a month but for me, it will be appropriate for a husband and wife to meet more than fifteen times in a month.

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