I Love Dating Older Men Because They Know How to Do This – 24-Year-Old Lady Reveals


Everybody has the right to choose the kind of person he/she wants to go on a date with as long as you are matured enough.

Some guys love dating ladies that are older than them while some ladies like dating men that are far older than them. Some ladies these days prefer dating older men or sugar daddy either because he is rich or whatever.

A video has surfaced online about a lady by the name Hajia Fauzy who said she loves dating older men to young guys. According to the video, she said that she is 25 years of age and that the older men she has dated are always giving her money without giving her excuses because she loves money.

She also said that older men or sugar daddy are less demanding, and they take good care of her needs anytime, any day. She added that the youngest guy she has ever gone on a date with is 30 years of age.


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