Guys 5 Reasons Women Reject You Whenever You Ask Them Out (READ)


My friend, persistence is a virtue and you shouldn’t lose heart.

Many men don’t enjoy talking to girls.
These guys have strange conversations with girls that end up being boring or very awkward when they are heard loud. Either they are not socially adept or they suffer from stage-fright.

They are rejected by the majority of the girls, regardless of their reason. This leads to a complex that makes it even more difficult in the future.

My friend, persistence is a virtue and you shouldn’t lose heart. These are the top reasons girls don’t call their guys off.

Either you don’t have enough experience, or you are very selective

One thing that can help boost your confidence is social anxiety. It can be difficult for some people to look into the eyes of another person for longer than a few seconds. They have trouble relating to others. They make a terrible first impression. They are either dumb or goofy. They have much to offer if you get to know them.

This is because they haven’t had much interaction with people during their early years. They were not socially accepted or didn’t have as many close friends. Another reason could be that they are selective about who they trust. Trust issues are common in everyone. They have difficulty talking to people because they think so much. They are more cautious about approaching people because of past betrayals.

You want to be unique and different from everyone else.

People think that if they appear outgoing, fun and extrovert they will attract more people. This is a big misconception. People are drawn to originality and rawness. Different types of girls feel safe around different types and types of men. You are setting yourself up to fail if you assume a girl will love you because you pretend to be someone else. This tactic might work for a brief one-night stand but not more.

You don’t want someone who isn’t attracted to you, but you do not want someone who pretends to be you.

You’re not fooling her, but you are also fooling yourself. Every personality type is beautiful and girls love someone who can accept themselves, rather than trying to be someone else.

Society is misleading you

The concept of chivalry has been forgotten for a long time. Nowadays, most men act like teenagers. It is okay to show your love by making small gestures in public, such as opening the door for your lady. This should not be shameful.

You can show the world that you love a girl by showing it to them and feeling proud. It might be awkward to show your affection in such a shady society, but it will be a good thing for your girl. Sometimes a little courage can make a big difference and loving someone is all about having courage.

To inspire others, you must first inspire yourself

You can’t expect anyone to be drawn to you if there isn’t any inspiration in your life. You can’t expect to find love if you continue living the same boring life day after day. It is time to make exciting changes in your life, change your lifestyle, and meet new people in other environments.

You are not helping your cause if you spend your days and nights at work or home. This will lead to boredom and even social obliviousness. It’s difficult to get back into the game if you have been away from it for so long. It is important to be willing to go the extra mile to get things back on track. That spark is what you need to get your energy back up.

One who is hesitant to try new things or go on more adventures in life is missing out on a lot.

Overthinking is a Bad Thing

Overthinking can lead to your demise. Have you ever sat across from someone and kept your mouth shut? But a lot is going on in your brain at the same moment. Instead of saying hello, you start to think about the other person and wander off into uncharted territory.

Do it, don’t think about it. What could be worse? While you might be rejected, there are no regrets.

All you have to do is persevere. Persistence is the key to all the experiences you desire. You can’t expect better results if you don’t try. Everybody in the world has had their share of heartaches and rejections. These are not uncommon for pop stars or movie stars. But, at the end of it all, you can keep your head up and remain motivated for better things. You will reap the rewards.

Failure is not a sign of failure. Men, best of luck to the ladies!

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