Avoid Prophecy In Choosing Who To Marry – Nigerian Catholic Priest Advises

Malawi-based Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has advised people to beware of prophecy when choosing life partners.

The priest gave the advice on Saturday, September 18, after a follower told him how a prophecy by a ‘charismatic sister’ revealed that his girlfriend of three years is not “the one”.

Read their chat below:

Him: “Good morning Padre

How are you today?I have something bothering me.”

“I am into a relationship with someone who I hope soonest to get married to after my service n yesterday a message came via prophecy that she isn’t the one.

“The relationship is 3years. I have built my world around her and I can’t start thinking of walking out of it. I find her 90% compatible and I love her like say tomorrow no dey.”

Me: So where did the prophecy come from?

Him: “A charismatic sis”

Me: So how can I be of help to you? Or how do I come in?

Him: “Ur advice on what to look out for in marital choice.”

Me: My advice:

Avoid prophecy in choosing who to marry. Every choice comes with its consequences…good or bad. God is not going to be the one to choose wife for you

If you want to let the girl you have dated to go, let it never be because of any so called unsolicited prophecy. Let it be your choice. In the same way, if you decide to marry her, let it never be because there was a prophecy for you to marry so and so. It is all your choice to make, not even God can make it for you

Note: he gave me the permission to share this provided I keep him anonymous. The last picture was the recent chat we had. The first two pictures contain the conversation we had about three weeks ago.

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