Actress Biodun Okeowo Opens Up On Dating Senator Dino Melaye

Biodun Okeowo, also known as Omoborty, a Nollywood actress, has responded to rumors and a voice message claiming she snatched former Nigerian senator Dino Melaye from her colleague Iyabo Ojo.

The actress denied being romantically related to the former senator in an Instagram post, saying she was astonished to hear about insinuations of kidnapping Dino from her colleague, Iyabo Ojo.

Iyabo Ojo telling Dino Melaye to stop refusing her in public or she will stop giving him her body in the voice note.

Iyabo reportedly threatened to curse Dino Melaye if he continues to irritate her by cheating on her with Biodun Okeowo, a colleague, and Miwa, a prominent Kayamata seller.

In response, Biodun Okeowo wrote in an Instagram post that she would have remained silent and disregarded the reports if she could, but that her silence would lead people to assume the reports are genuine.

According to the actress, she met Dino Melaye during a wedding event, where they posed for photos with several dignitaries.

She shared the photographs on her Instagram account, and many people mistook them for a sexual relationship.

The actress further stated that she is not and has never been in a romantic connection with Dino Melaye, nor is she involved with him in any way.

She wrote:

“Few days ago my attention was drawn to an audio recording circulating on social media which I also listened to myself, purportedly accusing me of being romantically involved with Dino Melaye. It was shocking to hear about insinuations of snatching him from my colleague and being in a romantic relationship with him.

“Considering my current engagement with my businesses and acting career, I ordinarily would have ignored and keep mute about it. But I decided against such action as my silence would seemingly and inadvertently give it a semblance of truth…as silence is termed to mean consent.

”I met Dino Melaye at a certain wedding ceremony in 2017 where we took photographs together just as I did with other guests and dignitaries at the party. Thereafter, I posted on my Instagram. Unknown to me posting a picture of myself and Dino only gave rumour mongers a field day to spread lies and unfounded allegations against me that I’m dating this particular man.

“I unequivocally state and reaffirm that I am not and was never in any amorous relationship with him and neither am I in any form of entanglement with him.

“I will appreciate it, if this settles any misconception, assumptions, innuendos and falsehood about my alleged relationship with Dino Melaye. At this point I will like to state explicitly that I am certainly not involved in any form of relationship with him whatsoever.

“To all my BORTY Nations, I will never let you down. For now, my focus is on my kids, my man, my businesses and my acting career. I have set my face like a flint on that path. Thank you to all who reached out to me and believed in me. One Love!!!”


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